For some reason, it is believed that information protection should not be outsourced to external contractors. But this is only at first glance. After all, do you trust your secrets to consultants of audit, legal, financial companies?

Data Room Providers and Its Appearance

Three decades ago, personal computers with word processors and spreadsheets revolutionized the use of information in offices around the world. Since then, wave after wave, new tools have entered our lives. Currently, these are mobile applications that run on any digital device, including data room service providers.

Distinctive features data room service providers tools are:

  • flexibility (the ability to use them at any time and in any place where they are needed);
  • reproducibility (unlimited copying and duplication);
  • variability (possibility of fast updating, specification);
  • selectivity (possibility of free search);
  • individuality (opportunity for each user to work with information individually).

The current state of development of the information space is characterized by new needs in creating conditions for the safe functioning of its subjects when the problems of counteracting information wars and protecting one’s own cyberspace become especially important. Therefore, the topical issues covered in this module are the definition of basic concepts, essence, and objectives of information protection, acquaintance with the concept of technical protection of information, analysis of major threats to information security in e-government systems (e-government), and study of basic methods to combat them. provides an opportunity to use the acquired knowledge and skills in practice.

The main tasks of data room software at the enterprise are:

  • formation of the corporate community of the team and the creation of appropriate motivation of employees;
  • support and development of corporate culture - corporate values and norms of behavior;
  • information support of management decisions;
  • communication change management (company restructuring, reduction, development of new technologies, business mergers), reduction of resistance to changes;
  • identification of communication and management problems of the company, assistance in the prevention of conflicts in the team.

Top 10 Questions to Ask Data Room Providers

  1. What do you look for in a data room due diligence?
  2. Why do you need a new site?
  3. How expensive are Intralinks?
  4. Who is your target audience?
  5. What should I look for in a data room?
  6. What is the exclusivity of your business?
  7. How do you create a data room?
  8. How do you rate the success of a site visit?
  9. What features should your site have?
  10. Can SharePoint be used as a data room?

The growing and widespread process of the formation of data room service providers is an important factor in supporting the processes of informatization of education. However, the widespread practice of organizing the educational process in the system of general and vocational education opposes this. The learner is seen as a “naked person” and not as a “person equipped with an instrument”.

As you read the manual further, remember to keep asking yourself the question, “What is most important to my organization?” or “Does it matter to us?” Such questions will help narrow the range of questions asked to the supplier and the subsequent benchmarking to the level that applies to you. Remember, if you fail to flesh out your search, many vendors will avoid admitting that they are not suitable for you or that their solution works differently than you want them to do.


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