The field of trade is changing at a rapid pace in parallel with globalization and the development of information technology. These processes require the scientific community and marketing specialists to develop new effective marketing tools and methods. There is an objective need to improve marketing management, revise the marketing concept, since the main paradigm for the sale of goods and services is shifting from the marketer to the consumer, from more rigid management and business models to more flexible ones.

The Main Functions of Online Marketing Services

In the process of transforming marketing concepts, Internet marketing tools with a customer-oriented approach come to the fore, changing its very paradigm, creating conditions for successful development and competitive positioning of a business. Internet marketing can become a marketing concept of the 21st century and the main means of promoting goods and services.

This requires a scientific substantiation of the methods of forming an Internet marketing system, which means not only its (system) functional and structural organization but also constant adjustment of all elements in the process of the functioning of this system, as well as approaches to its integration into the enterprise management system.

Promotion is a set of measures aimed at improving the efficiency of the sale of goods/services through the communicative impact on consumers, employees, and partners. These actions should ensure a favorable attitude of potential consumers to the brand and products of the company.

The functions that foresight can perform depend on where the product or service is in the life cycle. Let’s consider the main promotion functions:

  • notification of an unknown product at the stage of its implementation;
  • persuasion - the formation of an attitude towards an already known product along with a specific trademark; persuasion can be positive, used mainly at the growth stage, when the product is simply promoted, and competitive, when the emphasis is on competitive advantages after comparing the product with competitors;
  • a reminder (or restoration) is used to strengthen the existing attitude of consumers towards the product at the stage of its maturity, as well as to revive the interest lost at the stage of the decline in the product’s life cycle.

The Best Online Marketing Service for Your Business

Traditionally, marketing is a set of methods and means of promoting goods and services on the market, based on predicting future needs and preferences of consumers, anticipating changes in the structure of their needs and preferences, as well as adapting a product to changing needs with an individualized approach to target groups of consumers. That is, marketing is a management system.

At the same time, marketing is a key function of managing an enterprise that produces goods and services, and is an integrated system for organizing the production and sale of products, optimized to meet the needs of consumers and to obtain the maximum possible profit. Consequently, as a system, marketing should include a program-targeted mechanism for the implementation of marketing tools in enterprise management to ensure its adaptation to the changing marketing environment.

TeamViewer is one of the first programs for remote PC access. At the moment it is installed on more than 15 million computers around the world. TeamViewer gained such wide popularity due to three factors - broad functionality, ease of use, and the absence of the need to purchase a license (if the utility is used for personal non-commercial purposes). As is the case with all similar programs, TeamViewer must be installed on both the master and the slave machine.

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