Digital for the week: news in advertising and marketing

Here are the main news of the digital sphere.

1) The authorities of Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, have launched a program for the employment of foreign IT specialists Looksee Wellington, under which they promise to pay a week-long trip to the country to applicants who have agreed to come for an interview. This writes the publication Money. The project aims to attract developers, managers and product directors, analysts and digital strategists. To participate in the program, the applicant must submit a request on Looksee Wellington website and attach your resume.

2) Google added the ability to attach a screenshot in the form to send feedback on the work of the search. Previously, it was possible to send only a text message.

3) Google AdWords has announced several features related to phone number ads. For example, there were extensions “Phone numbers” at the account level, new announcements of the “call-only” format were launched and the reporting for call extensions was updated.

4) Google AdWords from March 29 will shorten the default conversion rate for impressions. Now this period will change from 30 days to one day. Innovation will affect the new actions-conversion, as well as existing, if they set the default accounting period. If desired, advertisers will be able to change the accounting period.

5) Facebook began to mark inaccurate news as “contested.” The help center of the social network has a new section, which describes the mechanism of this innovation. In particular, Facebook relies on users to identify false news. News marked as fake news is checked for credibility by independent organizations, including Politifact and False news is then flagged as “contested.”

6) March 6, 2017 Google Play application store turned 5 years old. In honor of the anniversary of the company named the most popular applications and games for the lifetime of the service. In the ranking of the top 5 applications, the first two positions were taken by Facebook and Facebook Messenger, followed by the Internet radio Pandora, Instagram and Snapchat.

7) Google together with Ipsos conducted a study on the habits and behavior of users aged 13-24 years on the Internet. The main figure – 98% of young Russians use the Internet daily. Another important characteristic of new generation users: they are visuals. Online videos are becoming for them the main source of not only entertainment, but also quick answers to questions.

8) Adidas has released an ad for a new line of swimsuits made from recycled plastic trash and fishing nets. The athlete swims in a pool full of plastic waste, and then emerges in a clear ocean, free from debris.

9) The Dutch bank ING has been supporting the development of football in the country for twenty years and has been financing the production of clothing and special training vests for football players. The video shows the misadventures of such clothing from the sponsor – it gets wet in the rain, falls into the mud, it is trampled down with feet and sweat it. But at the same time there are times when she is worn with pride – for example, after the final training session before the match. It was then that the Dutch national teams decided who of the players would represent the team during the game, and the training vests were issued only to players who won this right.

10) In front of the famous bull from Wall Street a figure of a brave girl appeared. So agency McCann NY congratulated women on March 8. The action had to be carried out on the eve of the holiday at night, since no permission was received for the placement of the sculpture. But the agency submitted an application to the city authorities with a request to leave the girl’s figure and make her part of a sculptural composition with a bull.